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Dec 5, 2016

Grants Rants 43: Actor and Host, Jay Ellis


We take a deep dive into the current music industry- why is Britney Spears's Slumber Party not on the radio?, We look at New music coming in 2017 from Gaga to Fergie, Leah Remini’s Scientology show brings the ratings, Fuller House returns to Netflix and we are examining the animals on Vanderpump Rules. That and our talented Guest Co-Host Jay Ellis dishes being a working actor in Hollywood.  

Nov 21, 2016

Grants Rants 41: Thanksgiving Panel


We pop the cork on champagne and a thanksgiving panel talking dozens of hot topics - from Housewives to Horror Films, Brangelina, Gaga, Kanye and is Taylor Swift a lesbian? We look at Oprah’s Favorite Things, autumnal cocktails so much more with this rowdy bunch - Lorrie Marlow, James Lott Jr., Katrina Nicholson and Jesse D'Angelo!








 @jessejdangelo Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat




Nov 16, 2016

Grants Rants 41: Mark J. Freeman, Host and Personality 


Alec Baldwin won't return to SNL, Bill Cosby loses his sight, but is he gaining sympathy? RHOBH Season 7 First Impressions and Google, Facebook and Twitter crackdown on hate speech and click bait news. Guest co-host Mark J. Freeman talks the LA Theater scene.


Twitter/Instagram: @loraynelove



Nov 7, 2016

Grants Rants 40: Allison Del Franco


The Simpsons breaks TV records as it's renewed through Season 30, Is Lindsay Lohan a genius or foolish sporting her new accent? Dina and Michael Lohan weight in. Will Mariah Carey’s reality show make it to air? Why do networks wait so long to premier reality shows? I fill you in on what went down with Bidchat and we talk to Filmmaker Allison Del Franco.


Oct 21, 2016

Grants Rants 39: Author, Fern Ronay


Has hell frozen over? Danielle Staub and Teresa Giudice reunite in a yoga class, We talk wedding details for RHONY's Luann de Lesseps, Lohan Nightclub in Greece is up and running, Donald Trump is not welcome at The Grove LA and we look at which shows have the best/worst chance of getting picked up this fall season.


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Oct 14, 2016

Grants Rants 38: Host, Christy Olson 

Does Hugh Hefner have one foot in the grave? Kendra Wilkinson is talking, The Real Housewives of Orange County fight in Dublin, Selena Gomez enters rehab, Forbes releases the Highest-Paid Dead Celebrities Of 2016 and you won't believe how much TV stars are making these days. That and more on this inaugural Bidchat Live show with Christy Olson.



Sep 26, 2016

Grants Rants 37: Andrea Fasano, On Air Host and Producer


Brangelina implodes, Bethenny Frankel almost explodes. Lindsay Lohan makes bank in a Russian interview, Leah Remini produces a A&E Scientology TV Series and Gigi Hadid gets assaulted in Milan.

Twitter, Instagram, & Periscope: @Andifasano


Sep 19, 2016

Grants Rants #36 

Katrina Nicholson, Aspiring Comedy Writer and Comedian

TV returns for the Fall and we dish what’s catching our attention - and more importantly what isn't. Pamela Anderson doesn’t like datings apps, and neither do we. Lady Gaga books the Superbowl, A potential Britney Spears Justin Timberlake song excites us and Miley Cyrus rejects red carpet appearances - that and more w. Katrina Nicholson.



Sep 5, 2016

Grants Rants #35: Jesse Janedy, Host, Producer, DJ and Comedian 

Icon Britney Spears drops her album and we can’t get enough, Nene Leakes thinks it’s funny she allegedly owes back taxes, Rihanna and Drake share a questionable tattoo and someone dared Mary J Blidge to record a song promoting the view- that and lots more w. Jesse Janady




Link to Bidchat:


Aug 8, 2016

The Rio Olympics kick off, Instagram snaps up 'stories', Dina refutes Lindsay's pregnancy tweet, #RHOA Phaedra Parks faces a bomb scare and Sharon Osbourne confirms Ozzy is a sex addict. Would you be offended by a men's and women's restroom denoted by before and after pictures of Caitlin Jenner?

Grants Rants 34: Richie Skye, DJ, Host, Show Producer



Jul 25, 2016

Omarosa Manigault finally gets to work for Donald Trump, We examine Taylor Swift's image after Calvin Harris & Kimye, Leslie Jones unjustly gets attacked on twitter but kick's ass on her talk show circuit. Vicki vs. Shannon boils over on OC Housewives and JLo looks amazing at 47. Lots to rant about with Scott Moore!


Grants Rants 33: Host & Producer, Scott Moore 


Trump vs. Hillary AfterBuzz Podcast:



Jul 18, 2016

We can’t help but rant about Pokemon Go. Who has the time? We're listening to the music of The Legendary Ms. Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Fergie. Teresa Giudice storms off the set of Access Hollywood Live. We share our thoughts on the Primetime Emmy Nominations and snubs and my co host Alejandro Sangines brings the stars of the Ghostbusters Film to the rants with some interview clips!


Grants Rants 32: Alejandro Sangines


Jun 23, 2016

The Joan Rivers Collection goes up for auction and there are some interesting finds for sale, Michael Jackson's alleged porn stash creeps us out, we're excited for The Real Housewives of Orange County and New Jersey, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are outed and we're reacting Taylor Swift's new beau Tom Hiddleston. 


Grants Rants 31: Kelly Williams & Jennifer Gam


kellycw525 on Instagram






Jun 9, 2016

Bobby Brown has a scary sex life, Richard Simmons is hospitalized mysteriously, Conrad Hilton heads to jail, Britney Spears then and now, Chelsea Handler on Netflix, Big Brother US set-side rumors, Rebel Wilson and Adele purchase homes in Los Angeles. Plus, we have a Summer TV preview and look at 2016 Fall Network Programming. 


Grants Rants 30: Hot Summer Talk Panel 


Marie Garofalo, Previous Grants Rants Episodes: 04, 20

Blake V, Previous Grants Rants Episodes: 11, 13, 15

Jonny Manganello, Previous Grants Rants Episode: 18

Sanyee Yuan, Previous Grants Rants Episode: 21


Media Host @BlakeVmedia


Twitter: @jonnymangs 

Instagram: @jonnymangs


@SanyeeYuan Previous Episode: 21


Jun 1, 2016

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's divorce couldn't be more of a mess, The Obama's prepare to go from the White House to a new house, Supermodel and Icon Naomi Campbell is on top in her career and with her book. ABC's The View very public and very messy contract negotiations are back in the news and The Real's Tamar Braxton is 'really' out of her daytime gig. 

Grants Rants #29: David Adam Nole, Founder and Publisher of A.N. Publishing and Digital Brands



May 16, 2016

We check in with Orange County Housewives before their upcoming season, Jimmy Kimmel thinks it’s hilarious he’s running for VP, we don’t, Joan Rivers wrongful death lawsuit is settled for big money and we look at which network shows got the axe - that and we talk Coachella and Perverse Sunglasses with Alison Dean!


Grants Rants #28: Alison Dean




May 9, 2016

Is Arsenio Hall at the center of Prince’s passing? 50 cent pays for his miss step with Twitter, The Osbournes split, Tiffany New York Pollard is back on TV and Flavor Flave is back in trouble, 20/20 looks at Scientology by interviewing Ron Miscavige with Jeff Graham.

Grants Rants #27: Jeff Graham, aka Graham Cracker


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May 9, 2016

June Flori delivers some serious straight talk to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Madonna and Lady Gaga weren't impressing us at The Met Gala. OWN's Where Are They Now, digs up Honey Boo Boo and company. Whoopi Goldberg plots her escape from ABC's The View and morning TV is changing. Host, Grant Rutter speaks about his career and looks back at his experiences in the entertainment industry. 


Grants Rants 26: June Flori

June Flori - @juneBug1929 Previous Episodes 05, 16

Apr 18, 2016

Lindsay gets engaged while Dina and Michael battle it out on VH1's Family Therapy, We dish current state of the Real Housewives - including Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Real Housewives of Dallas, Charlie Sheen is short on money, Bette Midler continues to shade those Kardashian people and we share what television we are loving and leaving including hot TV news. 


Grants Rants 25: TV Talk Panel, Christy Olson, Justin Heath & Jessica Lipman


Christy Olson, Previous Grants Rants Episodes: 01, 08

Justin Heath, Previous Grants Rants Episodes: 02, 09, 15

Jessica Lipman, Previous Grants Rants Episode: 19



Twitter: @jesslipman

Instagram: @JLIPSSS


Apr 4, 2016

Drew Barrymore ends her marriage, reports from the Real Housewives of New Jersey set don't sound good for the franchise, we get a first look at Erika Jayne's music video "How Many", someone thinks OJ Simpson is innocent, and Ivana Trump speaks to People Magazine. 

Grant Rants 24: Author, Fern Ronay

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Mar 28, 2016

Adele is telling people to F off when it comes to breastfeeding, Rene Zellweger tells The Today Show she isn't aware of people discussing her elective surgery, Caitlin Jenner's Republican affiliation is a turn of to some and we discuss spirituality, Buddhism and self exploration with Spiritual Eclectic Lorrie Marlow. Don't miss our deep and educational discussion. 


Grants Rants 23: Lorrie Marlow




Mar 15, 2016

I'm braving the internet and talking politics. We give our views on the current climate of Election 2016. We share spoilers and our thoughts for the upcoming season of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice. In case you haven't heard, Michael Lohan is letting you know that his daughter Lindsay is dating a billionaire. And I can't express my exhaustion with award season 2016. That and brilliant Film Composer Alexander Arntzen shares his Hollywood hustle - that and and more!


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Grants Rants #22: Alexander Arntzen




Feb 29, 2016

The longest Oscar's season is now over. Taylor Swift gives Ke$ha some money, and Demi donates shade. Oprah's net worth is is shaken by her Weight Watchers investment and like it or not, Fuller House hits Netflix. 

GR 21: Sanyee Yuan 





Feb 12, 2016

It’s Our Love it Hate It Panel Show where we love The People v. O.J., shocked by an Australian lady's return from the dead, we give advice to celebs unlucky in love - Rosie O'Donnell, Sherri Shepherd, Lindsay Lohan and Chris Brown. Don't miss when we break down TV, Movies and Music and share what we are loving and hating in pop culture. 

Grants Rants 20: Love It Hate It Panel, James Lott Jr., Megan Stecher, Marie Garofalo


Marie Garofalo, Previous Grants Rants Episode: 04

Megan Stecher, Previous Grants Rants Episode: 06

James Lott Jr, Previous Grants Rants Episode: 10


@MeganStecher on Instagram & Snapchat




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Feb 9, 2016

Celebrity Apprentice 2016 announces their cast, Whoopi Goldberg finally see's ABC's The View for what it really is, Brandi Glanville slams her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills costars, Teresa Giudice is off house arrest and back to RHONJ, Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus reunite, and we get an inside look into working in reality TV with Jessica Lipman.


Grants Rants #19: Jessica Lipman

Twitter: @jesslipman

Instagram: @JLIPSSS


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